10 Unique New Whiskies

Hundreds of new whiskies are launched every month, which makes it quite hard to keep track of all things new to try. We highlight ten of the most remarkable whisky releases of the past two months that you might have missed.

Ayrer’s Mastercut

At a whopping 75.8% abv (or 151.6 proof), Ayrer’s Mastercut is the world’s strongest single malt whisky. This German whisky was matured in American Oak casks, ex-Oloroso sherry casks and ex-Port casks and limited to only 200 bottles.


House of McCallum Mc Pink

House of McCallum is a new independent bottler, founded by the renowned whisky expert Anthony McCallum. House of McCallum Mc Pink is a port cask finished blend, with a retail price of around €30 / £27 / $35.


Smokehead Sherry Bomb

Smokehead is Ian Macleod Distillers’ heavily peated single malt range. In October, they introduced the first sherried Smokehead: Sherry Bomb. It is bottled at 48% abv and finished in Spanish sherry casks.


Kilbeggan Small Batch Rye

Rye whiskey is very common in the US and Canada, but not so much in Europe. But that’s about to change: Kilbeggan proudly announced the first Irish rye whiskey in over 100 years.


Johnnie Walker White Walker

Diageo announced their Game of Thrones Series by launching Johnnie Walker White Walker. This blend was followed by no less than eight Game of Thrones single malts, including Clynelish Reserve House Tyrell.


Bowmore 19 Year Old French Oak Barrique

This ex-Château Lagrange barrique matured single malt became the first whisky to be sold exclusively via Amazon. A few weeks later, Highland Park followed with the Amazon-exclusive Highland Park Viking Tribe.


Forty Creek Unity

The annual limited edition of the Canadian Forty Creek distillery was created with the assistance of Forty Creek fans. This also explains the name of this blended grain whisky: Unity.


Eaglesburn Single Malt

The Eaglesburn Distillery launched their first Dutch single malt: a three year old whisky, matured in American Oak and ex-bourbon casks. It was bottled in small 200ml bottles at 47% abv.


Teeling Single Pot Still

Teeling Distillery was established in 2015. The Irish distillery has released multiple sourced whiskeys, but Teeling Single Pot Still is their first own release and the first Dublin-distilled whiskey in over 50 years.


Maker’s Mark 101 Proof

Many distilleries have whiskies that are sold through travel retail stores exclusively. Maker’s Mark didn’t have such a Travel Retail Exclusive whiskey yet – until they released Maker’s Mark 101 Proof.

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