Whisky Suggest is Now Abov

For the last 7 years, Whisky Suggest has been the go-to application for detailed whiskey rating and review information. The community has bonded over flavor profiles, expanding collections, and excitement over new whiskeys. In keeping our focus on whiskey, we’ve gathered nearly 50,000 whiskey lovers from around the globe.

We are excited to formally announce the next chapter in the Whisky Suggest story as we will be rebranding to Abov. The new name reflects the commitment we have to providing an elevated experience within the application, website, and community as a whole. The name also reflects our commitment to our history by maintaining the barrel as the key logo, because at the center of everything we do is whiskey.

Whisky Suggest is Now Abov

This is just the first step in our continual evolution of the brand and the application, so keep connected as we continue to share more over the next few weeks!

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