What to do with empty whisky bottles

You can throw away empty whisky bottles, but why not let your favorite bourbon or Scotch bottle reincarnate as a lantern, soap dispenser or bird feeder? These are some of the most creative ways to re-use an empty whisky bottle.

Turn it into a lamp

You can do this the hard way, by cutting up a bottle and using a bulb and wire, or use one of these rechargeable LED cork lights. Either way, it definitely brightens up every man cave. You can re-use your whiskey bottle as a lamp base or as a pendant light, whatever you prefer.

Tutorials found here: 1, 2


Use it as a lantern

Repurpose your empty whisky bottle as an outdoor lantern without using a glass cutter. Simply follow these instructions, and you’ll have the coolest outdoor lighting in the neighborhood.



Create a unique set of whiskey tumblers

Cutting and sanding glass so smoothly you can drink from it can be quite difficult, so your ex-bottle tumblers are probably used best as decorative glasses. Or order them as a set on Etsy.



Give it a second life as a soap dispenser

All you need is the top part of a regular soap dispenser – preferably with an extra long tube – and mount it on top of the empty whisky bottle. Looks good in every bathroom.



Turn it into a candle

One of the easiest ways to re-use an empty whisky bottle is to turn it into a candle. Cut the glass and full the bottom with (perfumed) candle wax and a wick, and you’re basically done. You can even use the top half of the bottle as a candle holder, although the glass will turn dark very quickly this way.

Source: Etsy.com


Use it to store your old corks

It’s always useful to have a few old corks laying around, so you can replace a broken or mouldy cork when you need to. And why not store them in an empty whisky bottle?



Create a whisky birdfeeder

This is probably the most creative way to re-use a whisky bottle. Build a whisky birdfeeder yourself, or buy one on Etsy.



  • i am never seem somethings before like this. creativity level on his top. so i hope you to add some more in future also. thanks for sharing

  • We wash ours out and use them as water carafes. We keep a bunch in the back of our fridge filled with water, they look great on a dinner table!


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