Whisky Rumours: July Edition

In the United States, all alcoholic beverage manufacturers must submit the labels of their products to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for approval. These labels are published on the TTB website under the Freedom of Information Act, which means that they’re available to see before the whiskies are released.

Although it’s definitely not a guarantee that the submitted labels will actually end up on whisky bottles, or that these bottles will be released in any other country than the US, it is very interesting to look at. We all love rumours, right?

These are some of the most interesting new labels we spotted during the past few weeks:

Laphroaig 25 & 30 year old CS

It seems like Laphroaig will be releasing a 25 year old and a 30 year old expression, both are bottled at cask strength. The 25 year old is, just like the regular 25 year old 40%-er, matured in Oloroso sherry casks and American oak, but this time it’s bottled at a generous 53.5% vol. The 30 year old special release was double matured in ex-bourbon barrels, and also bottled at 53.5%.



Wolfburn Aurora & Northland

Being one of Scotland’s youngest distilleries, Wolfburn released their first single malt earlier this year. It was a very promising first release, so we’re pleased to see that more expressions are coming up: apart from a distillery only-release, Wolfburn will be introducing the sherried Aurora and an ex-Islay cask release named Northland.



Hyde President’s Cask No. 4

The Irish distillery HYDE is only slightly older than Wolfburn. They’re about to launch their fourth release; President’s Cask No. 4. Just like President’s Cask No. 2 it’s a rum finished whiskey (46%), but unlike No.2 there’s not an age statement on the bottle.



Bowmore Vault Edition #1

There’s no age statement on the bottle, but the tasting notes (“Sun-ripened fruits, salted honeycomb, singy spiced cocoa and iodine-soaked blood orange, all bathed in Atlantic sea spray”) and the abv of 51.5% surely have triggered our enthousiasm.

Images via TTB Online

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