Review our app and win!


Earlier this month, we announced the release of our new whisky app. Hopefully you’ve already downloaded it and used it to explore and discover great whiskies. If not, we’d definitely recommend you to do so. Why, you ask? Because it could win you a bottle of excellent whisky!


Review the Whisky Suggest app and win!

And not just any whisky. If you review our app and send us your feedback, you have the chance to win a bottle of Caol Ila 25 Year Old, or a bottle of Glenlivet XXV. And you can pick the one you want – we’re giving away both!


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How can you win?

It’s very simple: download the Whisky Suggest App for Android or iOS, give it a try and rate and review the app via Google Play or in Apple’s App Store. Then, send a copy of your review to, and tell us which of the two bottles you would like to win. That’s it.

Just to be very, very clear: we are not asking you to give us positive reviews, we are asking you to share your honest feedback. If you don’t like our app, feel free to rate it poorly and to shout at us for failing. We want to hear it, so we can learn from it and improve our app. It doesn’t matter if you leave a positive or a negative review, you will have a chance to win one of the lovely whiskies either way.

Make sure to send us your app feedback no later than the 21st of February. The winners will be announced on February 23rd 2017.



  • Should be able to tell how much you paid for the bottle retail ( or secondary I guess )

  • Hoi, de scan functie is ideaal… Super. Het is fijn om op een proeverij de fles in te scannen, heb je meteen een mooi beeld van de whisky. En het geeft je een mooi naslagwerk.
    Jammer dat er geen prijzen bij staan, minpuntje.
    Verder ziet het er goed uit, simpel maar goed.

    Een beginnende proever

  • Very fine whisky app, but I miss function to add a whisky or picture. Very large database.

  • Nice app. I have bourbons and whisky’s the the app does not.
    So why not let me add with picture?

  • @Linda Oh, but you can! There’s an option to add whiskies in the menu on the left.

  • A great and usefull app to manage his bottles of whisky, even for empty and samples bottles.
    verry easy to ad whisky. Geat allso to have impression from other poeple.
    I use it often.

  • I love it, great app big databass and then there is us to make it even bigger. It’s simpel and clear. It makes my life as a wisky lover such easier.

  • Very nice app.
    I just think that the app could be upgraded with liquors stores in Brazil.
    When I goes to “where to buy”, didn’t work in Brasil

  • Great app. Very helpful when buying new stuff. Used to end up buying the same whisky all the time, now able to grow the collection with new additions.

  • Great app! Makes collecting whisky even more fun than it already is!
    Good filter options. Really like this fun app. Give it a try and you’ll see.
    Have fun!

  • Works like a charm! East to use, big database and a scanning system that actually works! Love it


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