The Most Exclusive Whiskies in the World

So you think you have some exclusive whiskies in your cabinet? Take a look at these ridiculously expensive and super exclusive whiskies and you’ll probably want to reconsider that opinion.

The most expensive whisky

In January 2014, a six-litre bottle of Macallan M was sold at a Hong Kong auction for $628,205. While this is officially the most expensive bottle of whisky ever, it isn’t the most expensive whisky. That title goes to another Macallan bottling, Macallan 1946. At $460,000, this 44 year old single malt in a Lalique decanter is more expensive per cl. than any other.



The most expensive blended whisky

At £150,000, or $230,000, Royal Salute’s Tribute to Honour is the world’s most expensive blended whisky. All whiskies that are part of the blend are at least 45 years old and come from the Strathisla distillery, and have been selected by master blender Colin Scott. The exorbitantly luxurious decanter has been dressed with 413 diamonds and is made of vulcanic clay from New Zealand.



The most exclusive whisky release

Limited to only three bottles, The Dalmore Trinitas is the most exclusive multiple bottle whisky release. Two bottles have already been sold, but if you have £100,000 (or $150,000) to spare, you can still get your hands on the very last bottle of this 64 year old limited edition.



The oldest single malt whisky

Just recently, Gordon & MacPhail released a 75 year old Mortlach single malt, in their Generations series. It is bottled at cask strength (44.4% vol.), packaged in a luxury leather travel bag and limited to only 100 bottles. This single malt was distilled in 1939, tastes like sandalwood and bitter almonds, and costs around £20,000, or $30,000.



The most expensive whisky set

Priced at £987,500 (just over $1,500,000 for the total, or $125,000 a bottle), the Dalmore Paterson Collection is the most expensive whisky collection. The set contains 12 different bottles, which have been distilled between 1926 and 1990. The Dalmore Paterson Collection comes with its own wooden cabinet, so you don’t have to make room for 12 new bottles in your cupboard. You could buy the Paterson Collection at Harrods, but it is currently out of stock.



The most extravagant bottle

Well, we have several contenders here. What about Royal Brackla’s 35 Year Old whisky in a scepter-like bottle? Or maybe the Glengrant 50 still bottle?


No, the title goes to Isabella’s Islay, for their diamond-encrusted decanter with 8,500 white gold diamonds and 300 rubies. Hideous is an understatement, but it sells for $6.2 million.


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