Whisky Review: Millstone 2013 Peated PX

May is Whisky Review Month at WhiskySuggest.com. May is Whisky Review Month at WhiskySuggest.com. During this month, we’ll share 10 of the most entertaining, informative, unique or spot-on whisk(e)y reviews with the rest of the world. Every three days, a whisky review of one of the 50,000+ Whisky Suggest App users is selected as Featured Whisky Review. Today we’re sharing Angels_share‘s tasting notes of Millstone 2013 Peated PX.

It was matured in first- and second-fill PX sherry casks. Very intense maturation. The PX cask worked well. It’s a slightly soiled and aggressive but powerful and very complex whisky. It’s very well matured, and that at 5 years old (almost🙂, just it was distilled in May ’13 and bottled on 31.04.2018).

Very interesting nose… The peat profile here is quite unique too. So, I’m lucky to have a bottle. (Bottle #456. Batch #3. Bottle code 1378ZU.)


Salted caramel, bright sherry, heavily roasted barley, smoky, orange, later oolong tea…


Sweet dried seaweed, roasted banana, pepper, sour berries (like a cranberry), fresh tobacco, slightly peated…


Peated, spicy, sherry, raisin, licorice root, sweet ginger…



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