Whisky Review: Writers’ Tears Copper Pot Cognac Cask Finish

May is Whisky Review Month at WhiskySuggest.com. During this month, we’ll share 10 of the most entertaining, informative, unique or spot-on whisk(e)y reviews with the rest of the world. Every three days, a whisky review of one of the 50,000+ Whisky Suggest App users is selected as Featured Whisky Review. Today we’re sharing flicflak‘s tasting notes of Writers’ Tears Copper Pot Cognac Cask Finish.

A quality blend, tasty whiskey with a different finish than other whiskies, and its limited edition so get it while you can! .


Definitely a cognac nose, rich grapes, oily and dark fruits, like red currants, cherries and a little nutty too, almonds! some salt right at the end.

With water: pear drops and green apples.


Wow!!! that’s an explosion of flavour, sherry, cherry, BlackBerry jam, plum jam then pear right at the end.

With water: those pears come through again, some acidity and an oily mouthfeel.


Very long, fruity and a little spicy at the end, some white pepper.



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  • Good review. I like how it was done neat and with water added. Sounds like a great dram!


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