Whisky Rumours: Spring 2020 Edition

In the United States, all alcoholic beverage manufacturers must submit the labels of their products to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for approval. These labels are published on the TTB website under the Freedom of Information Act, which means that they’re available to see before the whiskies are released.

Although it’s definitely not a guarantee that the submitted labels will actually end up on whisky bottles, or that these bottles will be released in any country other than the US, it is very interesting to look at. We all love rumours, right?

These are some of the most interesting new whiskies that may appear in stores in the next few months:

Glenmorangie A Tale of Cake

The Highland-based distillery is mainly known for their sweet whiskies, which would fully explain the choice to finish a whisky in (sweet) Tokaji dessert wine casks. This Glenmorangie is labeled as a Limited Edition, but not as part of their annual Private Edition series.

Ardbeg Traigh Bhan II & Ardbeg 25 Year Old

After recent releases of Traigh Bhan, Blaaack and Wee Beastie, Ardbeg seems to be working on even more new whiskies. It looks like Traigh Bhan will get a second edition, and a 25 year old Ardbeg makes our mouths water even more.

Ezra Brooks 99 Proof

Although a 12- and a 15 year old single barrel have been released at 99 proof in the past, the regular Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon is bottled at 90 proof. An upgraded version seems to be on its way.

Port Askaig 12 Year Old

This spring will bring a new Port Askaig Islay single malt, distilled in 2006 and 2007 and aged in 18 ex-bourbon hogsheads.

Old Overholt 114 Proof PA Release

To honour their 210th anniversary, a 114 proof (or 57% abv) edition of Old Overholt rye whiskey is scheduled to be released later this year.

Kilchoman Am Bùrach

Since it’s already available in their Whisky Shop, makes the chance that Kilchoman Am Bùrach will eventually end up in your favorite liquor store very high. Judging by the tasting notes, it’s finished in Port (or similar red wine) casks.

New Riff Backsetter

If we’re to believe this label, a peated edition of New Riff’s popular rye whiskey will officially be announced in the near future. We can’t wait!

Macallan Edition No. 6

Since the previous versions of Macallan Edition No. X have been bottled at 48.5, 48.4 and 48.3% abv, it may come to no surprise that Macallan Edition No. 6 is supposedly bottled at 48.6% abv.

Belgian Owl Evolution

You don’t come across a Belgian whisky in the TTB database everyday, but this four year old, ex-bourbon cask matured single malt hasn’t even been officially announced in Europe yet.

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