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As a Tipple reader, it is clear that you have good taste and that you enjoy good whiskey. Maybe you’ve even had some great tipples in the past. Abov is here to help you find your next favorite whiskey!

We are on a mission to help you discover and purchase your next favorite whiskey

Abov helps you elevate your whiskey experience; Think of us as your personal concierge in the ever-expanding world of whiskey!

  • Discover New Whiskeys – Abov has amassed one of the largest whiskey databases in existence, and it is all at your finger tips on the Abov Whiskey App. See what’s trending or uncover a hidden gem from your favorite distillery.
  • Track your Collection – New whiskeys are great, but what about what you already own? Abov lets you keep tabs on your current collection.
  • Share your Whiskey Experiences – Rate & review the tipples you have had the opportunity to enjoy. We aggregate the opinions and scores of our entire community to help highlight the bottles you’ll like best.
  • Connect with the Abov Community – We at Abov strongly believe that whiskey was meant to be shared. Our community is a global one, bringing together whiskey lovers from every corner of the world.

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