Abov Affiliate Disclosure

The website abovapp.com as well as the Abov applications may link to liquor stores, bottle shops, whiskey stores, and other websites and platforms that sell whiskey or whiskey related products. When purchasing products through these “affiliate” sites, Abov may earn a commission based on referring your sale. These affiliate relationships help us keep the lights on and to continue to deliver the world-class whiskey experience you have come to expect from Abov. They also help you find more of the whiskey that you love. Sounds like a win-win!

Buy it now options in the app, ads, email offers, and contextual links on our website may all link to one of our affiliate partners. Want to support us right now? Browse one of our affiliate partner shops directly through the links below. (Affiliate Partner list last updated on 12/12/2022).


Caskers Take Pride in What You Drink

Are you a liquor store or whiskey shop owner that is interested in getting more exposure to our world wide audience of whiskey enthusiasts? We are constantly trying to grow our network to better serve our community. Get in touch using our Contact Form and be sure to select the “Partnership Inquiry” option!

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