I was looking for Whisky Suggest, how did I end up here?

Actually, you are in the right spot. Whisky Suggest is now Abov! Back in 2021, our team acquired Whisky Suggest from its original creator and now over a year later, we are truly making it our own. Don’t worry, we are keeping all of the great features you have come to love. And hopefully we will bring you new improvements that you will enjoy just as much!

Whiskey is overwhelming, can you really help me find something I’ll like?

Our mission is to make sure you find a whiskey that you love so you can sip confidently.  We do this through our extensive whiskey database and recommendation engine that works to find the whiskey that fits you best.  All our great features are currently available through the Android or iOS application.  If you’re just looking to browse, our top 10 lists are a great place to start.  If those don’t work, you can check out our blogTwitter, or Facebook to see what we’ve been sipping on lately.  If all else fails, grab a bottle of Old Crow from the bottom shelf of your local liquor store; it’s guaranteed to be whiskey every time!

Why isn’t my favorite whiskey listed?

While Abov has one of the largest databases of whiskey available, the mad scientists at distilleries across the globe keep coming out with more! We need your help to keep up with them, so if you don’t see your favorite whiskey after scanning the barcode or searching for it by name, Add a new whiskey through the Android or iOS application by snapping a picture, filling out some basic whiskey info, and clicking submit.  Once submitted, it’ll pass through our team for a quick review, then it’ll appear in the app for others to find and enjoy!

How did you gather all these whiskey reviews, tasting notes and ratings?

We five here at Abov drink our fair share of whiskey, but it would be impossible to compile a database this large without your help.  We gather reviews and tasting notes directly from you. This allows our database to represent the world of whiskey, not just a single region. Without the rating, tasting, and review data that you submit via the Android or iOS applications, our recommendation engine and flavor profile pages would not exist and a world of whiskey would be lost to thirsty drinkers.

I work for a whiskey retailer. Can I list my products on your app?

We are constantly growing our a network of resellers across the globe to get more whiskey into the hands of our community. Please reach out to us via the contact page, or through the feedback button on either the Android or iOS applications so that we can get in touch with you.

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