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Abov has amassed one of the largest whiskey databases in existence, and it is all at your finger tips on the Abov Whiskey App.

Explore the many bottles we have catalogued. Search for unique releases from your favorite distillery. Or discover what others in the Abov community have tasted and reviewed.

Found something that caught your eye? Add it to your wishlist for a future purchase!

Track your collection

New whiskeys are great, but what about what you already own? Abov lets you keep tabs on your current collection! Whether you just want a high level summary of what you own, or want to record the specifics of the type of bottle, bottle status, and purchase information, you can do it all with the Abov Whiskey App.

Share your whiskey experiences


In a world with endless choices, everyone just wants to know what is “best”. While taste is clearly subjective, ratings can point you in the right direction of where to start.

Abov, however, does not rely on the scores of so-called “whiskey experts”. All the ratings are coming directly from the community. Help others find what they might like by scoring the whiskeys you have had the opportunity to enjoy!

Rate and Review Whiskeys


A simple numeric score is not the full story. No one individual can tell you exactly what you will taste when you pour a glass of whiskey. If you combine enough unique perspectives, you will start to see the bigger picture of what flavors are most commonly observed.

There is no wrong answer when it comes to leaving a review, and the more opinions you have to consider, the more likely you are to find a whiskey you will love!

Connect with the Abov community

We at Abov strongly believe that whiskey was meant to be shared. Shared with family, shared with friends, and shared with others just as enthusiastic for the “water of life” as you!

The Abov community is a global one, bringing together whiskey lovers from every corner of the world. In a day and age where so much divides us, we focus on what unites us.

With the Abov Whiskey App, you can connect with the community, make new friends from all over the world, see what others are sipping on, and maybe even find your next perfect pour!

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