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Thanks for showing the Abov App some love! Below are the articles where our whiskey app or the team has been featured across the web.

5/30/2023 – Apps Like These Review

Our Abov Whiskey App got a nice shoutout from the app review site, This review really highlights all the new design and feature work we put in to continue to deliver a best-in-class whiskey experience for our users. Give it a look and thanks for checking us out!

4/12/2023 – Free Apps for Me Review

Abov was featured on Free Apps for Me, a site dedicated to reviewing and profiling mobile apps of all kinds. Highlighting many of the great features of Abov, including the value provided to whiskey enthusiasts across the world, the team there wrote a nice review of the hard work we’ve put in to Abov. Check out to read more.

2/12/2023 – Download Astro’s App of the Day Interview

Our CEO, Sean Sirianni, was interviewed to be featured on Download Astro’s “App of the Day” website. App of the Day features a daily interview with the founders or developers of all sorts of applications found in the Google Play and Apple App Store. In this interview, Sean discusses the Abov team’s background and how they came to be the owner’s of the prior Whisky Suggest app, challenges with running Abov, competitors, and plans for the future. You can read the full App of the Day interview here.

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