Whiskey Essentials Box

Introducing the Whiskey Essentials Box from Abov! Whether you are starting your whiskey journey, or just ready to branch out, we’ve curated 6 samples of different styles to help you explore the wider world of whiskey. We’ve also included our Abov Flavor Compass to allow you to navigate the many flavors present in our favorite spirit.

Grab a box today and let us help you elevate your whiskey!

What's in the Box?

The Whiskeys

Trying new whiskey can be a big commitment, and many people stick to things they are confident they will like. That is why we created the Whiskey Essentials Box; to help whiskey drinkers, new and experienced alike, explore the many different flavors and styles of whiskey.

Each box contains:

  • Two Scotch Whiskies
  • Two Bourbons
  • One Irish Whiskey
  • One Rye Whiskey

This doesn’t cover every type of whiskey out there, but will certainly get you well on your way to finding your next favorite whiskey.

The Gladstone Axe The Black Axe (Peated Scotch)
Duggan's Dew (Sweet Scotch)
Tullamore D.E.W. (Blended Irish Whiskey)
Old Forester 86 Proof (Kentucky Bourbon)
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Straight Rye (Rye Whiskey)
Willett Bourbon Whiskey (Premium Bourbon)

The Abov Flavor Compass Coaster

Abov Flavor Compass (4)

We know that whiskey can seem complex. Everyone experiences taste differently, and whiskey marketers and internet reviewers rattle of lots of different tasting notes when enjoying a whiskey.

We hope to simplify that with our new Abov Flavor Compass. Included in every Whiskey Essentials Box is a physical coaster version of our Flavor Compass, meant to be a companion to your whiskey tasting. We hope this tool can help you discover what flavors in whiskey you love, and also those you may hate and want to avoid.

There is a wide world of whiskey flavor out there. Let the Abov Flavor Compass help you navigate it!

Learn more about the Abov Flavor Compass.

Want to Get Even More Out of Your Whiskey Essentials Box?

  • Download the Abov Whiskey App (available on Android & iOS)
  • Crack open one of the samples included in your box, pour it in your favorite glass, and give it a sip.
  • Scan the barcode from the bottle or provided info card using the Abov App’s scan feature to learn more about the whiskey.
  • Leave your own rating and review in the app to help other’s find their next favorite whiskey!
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