Best Whiskey Reviews of January 2024

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Here are the best whiskey reviews of January.

Aberfeldy 12 Year Old

  • Category: Single Malt
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Author: @wiciu
  • Rating: 73/100
  • Review: “Very plain and easy to drink whisky. But this accessibility is not a plus. Aberfeldy is missing this complexity and character, maybe older versions are more complex and interesting but 12 yo is just a whisky and not the whisky. Still it is good product for the price, it is just missing some character.”

Bushmills 1608 400th Anniversary

  • Category: Blend
  • Origin: Ireland
  • Author: @MarcHD
  • Rating: 82/100
  • Review: “Rich and custard notes initially. Then the obvious green Irish note (unmalted barley) Smokey. Some dried fruits. Rich and sweet. There is a custard like note that is quite nice. Slightly saline. Little bit of a chalky note too.

    Damn! Such a silky smooth arrival then swiftly ramps up with sweet and sour development leading into a very well balanced bitter note. Custard and creme brûlée. Very mouth coating and warming in an intensely satisfying way. There is a strangely Bordeaux like note. Drying effect   Bit of a chocolate note as well as burnt sugar. With water it it becomes even more thin

    Body: Relatively big bodied.

    Finish: Long, with bitter, custard and saline notes lingering. Very well balanced Not hugely moreish however”

Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel

  • Category: Bourbon
  • Origin: United States
  • Author: @mdobie
  • Rating: 90/100
  • Review: “The scent of caramel and roasted marshmallows really transfer to the palette. A great pour. Would buy again.”

Glenfiddich Experimental Series #2 Project XX

  • Category: Single Malt
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Author: @Chefwd76
  • Rating: 79/100
  • Review: “Unbalanced confused whisky. Way too many hands in the pot.  Despite a higher abv, a disappointing whisky.”

Glenmorangie A Tale of the Forest 

  • Category: Single Malt
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Author: @rj18158
  • Rating: 92/100
  • Review: “I’ve enjoyed my whisky drinking adventures over the years & recently, I learnt another “expression”.    Meaningful!
    This Glenmorangie for me was dedicated to someone special, now gone with only 6 hours of life: 😪
    It’s packaged colourfully & well marketed & whilst it will always have meaning for me, it is a beautiful whisky, great natural colour & magnificent nose.  The 46% gives it a needed kick, out of some seriously heavy floral notes & finishes the way a quality whisky should, with a freshness & oak wood!
    Its does not, have the botanicals of a gin in my opinion, nor did I detect any smoke, but it has a distinct finish like no other!  Highly recommend!

    n  flowery, but not sickly, sweetness, winey.

    p  sweet & herby, citrus for a micro second, dry & gently woody, an almost minty bite;

    f   @46%, “magic”, it all comes together.  Gentle & Moreish I promise.”

Kaiyo Japanese Mizunara Oak Cask Strength

  • Category: Single Malt
  • Origin: Japan
  • Author: @Durge
  • Rating: 82/100
  • Review: “Aroma: Awesome malty oak & fruit nougat, sweet caramel, a little white pepper. Palate: Almond vanilla and oaky cereal grain. Herbal, bright sea air & peaty caramel. Mid heat and fair length”

Loch Lomond Spearhead

  • Category: Single Grain
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Author: @Raz2000
  • Rating: 88/100
  • Review: “Oily, lemon arrival. Sweet toffee ice cream developing to a sour piney flavour. Light, pleasant and easy to drink. Short but fresh light peppery finish. Water brings out the sweetness slightly but takes away the depth so no water needed.”

Meikle Toir The Chinquapin One

  • Category: Single Malt
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Author: @Engel
  • Rating: 80/100
  • Review: “Being triggered by its price and maturation style, I decided to purchase a bottle. It actually is nice with an intriguing nose, warming palate and smokey/BBQ finish. For me it is better than the Sherry One expression. Better to not add too much water as it loses its character.”

Mykulyn Whisky

  • Category: Single Malt
  • Origin: Ukraine
  • Author: @Atomphm
  • Rating: 70/100
  • Review: “An interesting whiskey in the aroma, first chocolate, vanilla, then green apple and wood, in the taste fresh fruits, vanilla apple casserole, the aftertaste is average”

Widow Jane Rye Mash

  • Category: Rye
  • Origin: United States
  • Author: @Abraswell50
  • Rating: 86/100
  • Review: “I’m not normally a Rye guy but this one is incredibly smooth. Great finish with an amazing spice.”

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