Abov the Noise – August 2022

August 2022 – First Issue

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Welcome to Abov the Noise, your monthly source for all things whiskey. We don’t want to just be another newsletter in your inbox, so we’ll hit the highlights: what’s happening in the industry, what we’re up to, and some of our favorite commentary. So grab a dram, and enjoy the first issue!

Vintage Glenfiddich Ad, the 1960s were a golden age of whiskey advertising...

Abov our Price Range

Whoever says we are looking at a global recession hasn’t checked the price of Ardbeg casks sales recently.  A record $19 million was spent to claim a cask from 1975 able to fill out 440 bottles.  Not only is it older than Microsoft, it survived the distillery closing not once but twice in the late 1900s.
Some cask sales in Kentucky also had a good week with a single barrel of Willet 10 year selling for $170,000. The proceeds ultimately are going to flood relief in the region.  Check out the other unique items from the auction too:

Rochester, the beautiful

The Abov team headed to Rochester, NY where the only bitter experiences are had at Fee Brothers. As a rule, these trips need to involve distillery visits, multiple. Our favorite from the flower city was Black Button distilling. We loved it so much that Jordan took it upon himself to do a write up of our adventure there.


Talisker 10 Year

One of the most poured whiskies this month was a classic, Talisker 10. Packing all the traditional scotch flavors like peat and smoke into a crowd-pleasingly sweet dram. Flavors of salt and pepper ensure that it pairs well with almost any meal, but goes best with a good smoked salmon


MarcHD – Tomatin Legacy – 47/100

“So I bought this with the express purpose of enlightening my novice friends on the difference between a lesser whisky, using tired casks, compared to a superior whisky using exception casks. The result? This whiskey is so bad I couldn’t even bring myself to make my friends suffer the tasting…”

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Sean – @WhiskyCEO

Deanston Single Malt, finished in New Holland Dragon’s Milk Stout Casks 
I was really excited to crack this one open when I got my hands on a bottle, as Dragon’s Milk is one of my favorite beers in my favorite styles, and was quite curious how those flavors would come through in a whiskey.
While I certainly think it’s a tasty Highland single malt, I was hoping for a bit more stout influence. Don’t get me wrong, the flavors of milk chocolate and sweet malt are there, and the finish adds an almost creamy mouth feel. Overall, a unique and delicious dram that is definitely worth the price if you are a stout fan.
Sean’s rating: 76/100

Ardbeg Corryvreckan

This intensely popular expression from Islay distillery Ardbeg was added to user wishlists the most of any whiskey this past month. Named after the famous whirlpool in the gulf of the same name, the powerful storm imagery evoked perfectly fits with this highly flavorful bottle from Ardbeg’s core range.


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