Best Whiskey Reviews of September 2023

Each month, the team at Abov looks to highlight the best whiskey reviews shared by the community. Best can be subjective, but these are some of the most entertaining, informative, unique, or spot-on whiskey reviews we could find. If you would like to be featured, be sure to keep writing those reviews in the Abov App! Here are the best whiskey reviews of September 2023.

Bib & Tucker Small Batch

  • Category: Bourbon
  • Origin: United States
  • Author: @Rassi
  • Rating: 76/100
  • Review: “Nice and inviting nose and very smooth taste with hint of nuts. It’s actually the aftertaste that lowers the score in my opinion. Nose and taste are very nice, but the aftertaste turns to too bitter for my taste. And that bitter aftertaste rolls in the tongue for quite some time.”

Fighting Cock

  • Category: Bourbon
  • Origin: United States
  • Author: @Lammer
  • Rating: 74/100
  • Review: “A wonderful corn flavor, classic for bourbon. Better than other inexpensive ones. The degree is not felt, the taste is full-bodied due to the strength. Corn, lemon. Aftertaste lemon, wood, grain.”

George Dickel x Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend Rye Whiskey

  • Category: Rye
  • Origin: United States
  • Author: @atjohns
  • Rating: 40/100
  • Review: “Weird cloves or minty taste. No thanks.”

Glenmorangie 12 Year Old Palo Cortado Finish

  • Category: Single Malt
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Author: @jdriip
  • Rating: 79/100
  • Review: “Nuts, milk chocolate, orange notes and baking spices on the nose. Semisweet, creamy, balanced palate with fudge, toffee, vanilla, hazelnuts and mulled wine notes. Peppery finish with baking spices, orange and milk chocolate notes.”

Indri Trini

  • Category: Single Malt
  • Origin: India
  • Author: @Engel
  • Rating: 84/100
  • Review: “It is young (~6-7 years?), but performs like a much older style malt. It rich, intense and complex and absolutely value for money, also considering that three sherry types are integrated. At first its punchy with a oily arrival in the palate with immediately sweet roasted pineapple; with some water it arrives as buttery. Ripe fruits, sherry, vanilla, darker chocolate and spices join in the finish. Very, very nice Indian malt!”

Jameson Single Pot Still Five Oak Cask Release

  • Category: Single Pot Still
  • Origin: Ireland
  • Author: @flicflak
  • Rating: 95/100
  • Review: “Really spicy, hot pepper, white pepper, more toasted oak, dry cereal notes, prunes, dry hay. Touch of blackberry on the back end. Water gives the fruity notes, and still has spice but blends with the fruit very well.”

Johnnie Walker Swing

  • Category: Blend
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Author: @lcristante
  • Rating: 75/100
  • Review: “A great surprise to taste this scotch. Vanilla flavour and traces of the Walker’s family blends.”

Penderyn Peated

  • Category: Single Malt
  • Origin: Wales
  • Author: @eug300
  • Rating: 82/100
  • Review: “N: citrus, cheese cake, nectarine, vanilla, peat, lime, floral. P: apricot, vanilla, citrus, spice. F: vanilla, zest, smoke. If you didn’t write that this is peated whisky, it would be quite difficult to find out. The faint smell of peat is present here in the background and has little effect on the profile of this dram.  However, the nose is pleasant and filled with notes of tropical fruits and vanilla. It also stays intense for quite a long time. The palate is sweet and oily. Same tropical fruits and vanilla with light spices. Medium-length finish with citrus bitterness and a hint of smoke. Compared to Sherrywood, more balanced and full-bodied”

Smokehead High Voltage

  • Category: Single Malt
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Author: @W1ggs
  • Rating: 90/100
  • Review: “A campfire on the beach, Smoke, light but rolling, staying and getting loose and stronger in the end, salt, pepper, citrus”

Writers’ Tears Red Head

  • Category: Single Malt
  • Origin: Ireland
  • Author: @Alooloo
  • Rating: 75/100
  • Review: “The nose is tempting, the palate though doesn’t fully meet the expectations. Interesting arrival, but it doesn’t evolve as one would hope. Nice long finishing leaving a pleasant lingering aftertaste.”

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