Fresh Whiskey Fridays – September 8th, 2023

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You heard that right folks. We’ve been super busy the last week or so, adding a record 95 new whiskeys to the Abov App! We know how important staying current in the ever changing world of whiskey is, and so many of you have submitted whiskeys that need added to our database. Especially when it comes to single barrels and rare bottlings, it can be tedious work to make sure we have the correct information and are creating duplicates.

Some submissions have been out there for a while, and we still have much work to do to clear out the backlog, but efforts like this week, will help make this possible!

Want to see your whiskey submissions jump to the top of the queue and get added within 10 days? Sign up for our Patreon at the “Whisk(e)y is Neat!” tier or higher, and that is one of the many perks!

New Whiskeys Added to the Abov App

  • Ardmore 12 Year Old (Whisky Dudes)
  • Ardmore 17 Year Old (The Chess Malt Collection)
  • Ardmore 2011 (Cooper’s Choice)
  • Ardmore 2019 (Single Malts of Scotland)
  • Ardnamurchan 2014 AD/12:14 CK.440
  • Ardnamurchan 2015 AD/07:15 CK.358
  • Ardnamurchan AD 04.22:02
  • Ardnamurchan AD/ Sherry Cask Release
  • Ardnamurchan AD/02.22 Cask Strength
  • Ardnamurchan AD/09.22 Cask Strength
  • Ardnamurchan AD/10:22 Madeira Cask Release
  • Athyr Cedarwood Finish
  • Athyr Lebanese Single Malt Whisky
  • Ballotin Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • Balvenie 16 Year Old Single Cask #8929
  • Balvenie 18 Year Old Pedro Ximénez Cask
  • Balvenie 19 Year Old The Week of Peat
  • Balvenie 21 Year Old Single Barrel, cask #3838
  • Barmen 1873 Bourbon
  • Blair Athol 2010 (Distiller’s Art)
  • Bunnahabhain 2004 Feis Ile 2022 Moine Tokaji
  • Bunnahabhain 2008 (The Character of Islay)
  • Bunnahabhain 2021 (Duncan Taylor Dimensions)
  • Bunnahabhain 24 (The Classic Cask)
  • Chivas Regal 18 Year Old Grand Cru Margaux Finish
  • Craigellachie 09 Year Old (Dram Mor)
  • Dalmore 14 Year Old
  • Egan’s 10 Year Old Conviction
  • England’s 6
  • Field of Dreams Bourbon Whiskey
  • Glen Fohdry Làn-mheasan
  • Glen Moray Elgin Classic Port Cask Finish
  • Glenfarclas 12 Year Old Vintage Reserve
  • Glenfarclas 2010 Christmas Edition
  • Glengoyne 10 Year Old – I Want To Save The Pars
  • Glengoyne 2011 (Glaschu Spirits Co.)
  • Glengoyne Legacy Series, Chapter Three
  • Glengoyne Signature Edition “The Tribute”
  • Glengoyne The Teapot Dram, batch 008
  • Glengoyne The Teapot Dram, batch 009
  • Glenrothes 10 Year Old Soleo
  • Golan Heights Golani Black Single Grain
  • Jack Daniel’s McLaren 2023 Edition
  • Kirkland Islay Single Malt
  • Kirkland Speyside 19 Year Old
  • Kirkland Speyside 23 Year Old
  • Kirkland Speyside 25 Year Old
  • Loch Haim Kosher Single Malt
  • M&H Christmas Treat
  • Macallan 18 Year Old 2021 Sherry Oak Cask
  • Macallan 2000 (Speymalt)
  • Macallan Classic Cut 2022
  • Macallan Classic Cut 2023
  • Macallan Harmony Collection – Inspired by Intense Arabica
  • Macallan Harmony Collection – Smooth Arabica
  • Macallan Rare Cask Batch 2023 No.1
  • Macallan The Archival Series Folio 7
  • Maker’s Mark Cask Strength 22-04
  • Maker’s Mark Cellar Aged 2023
  • Maker’s Mark Limited Edition – Chicago Cubs
  • Maker’s Mark Private Selection – Creamy Pumpkin Pie
  • Maker’s Mark Private Selection – Golden Hour (Total Wine)
  • Maker’s Mark Private Selection – Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Maker’s Mark Private Selection – Milkshake (OHLQ)
  • Maker’s Mark Private Selection – Red Velvet
  • Maker’s Mark Private Selection – Star Liquors “The Cigar Blend”
  • Maker’s Mark Private Selection – The Ghost III
  • Maker’s Mark Private Selection – Toasted French Spice
  • Nagahama 8 Year Old Roman Pure Malt
  • Octomore 10 Year Old 2021
  • Old Elk Cigar Cut Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Old Elk Master Blend Series Double Wheat Whiskey
  • Old Elk Straight Wheat Whiskey Single Barrel – Virgina Bourbon Lovers
  • Pōkeno Single Cask Virgin Cask Finish
  • Poli Segretario di Stato Whisky
  • Quest’s End Paladin Bourbon Whiskey
  • Rabbit Hole Distillery Series – 1 Starlino
  • Rabbit Hole Distillery Series – 2 Follesrunn
  • Sagamore Cognac Cask Rye
  • Sagamore Rye Barrel Select – Bourbon Junkies Pick #1
  • Sagamore Rye Barrel Select – Century Syndicate #2
  • Sagamore Rye Barrel Select – Fareway Riverside
  • Sagamore Rye Barrel Select – LABWS Pick
  • Sagamore Rye Barrel Select – OHLQ Exclusive 2023
  • Sagamore Rye Sagamore Reserve 8 Year Old
  • Sagamore Rye Sagamore Reserve Rum Finish
  • Sagamore Rye Sagamore Reserve Sherry Finish
  • Scotston 12 Year Old
  • The Ardmore Legacy
  • TNT Cask Ardmore 2009 Marsala finish
  • Tomatin 30 Year Old Limited Release
  • Whistlepig 10 Year Old Small Batch Rye
  • Whistlepig Bespoke Barrel Rye – Pop’s Wine & Spirits
  • Whistlepig Summerstock Whiskey
  • WhistlePig The Boss Hog IX – Siren’s Song

Keep adding those missing whiskeys, and let us know if you have enjoyed any on the list from this week! Leave a comment, and be sure to update your collections and ratings in the app!

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