Abov App Updates for June 2023

June has been a very busy month for the Abov team, and we have recently released a number of great app improvements to help you elevate your whiskey! Check out the full history of release notes for more information on the updates and improvements we’ve made.

Search Improvements

The first step to finding your next favorite whiskey is being able to find whiskeys. Our development team has made a number of major improvements to our search logic to make it easier than ever to find what you are looking for through the app’s search feature. We have learned through all of this that search is hard (which is why Google is a bazillion dollar company with thousands of employees focused on search). But we were able to make a few fixes that markedly improve things:

  • Enhanced matching logic to surface most relevant bottles related to your search terms
  • Set results to sort by most frequently rated whiskey, pushing more relevant, popular items to the top

Whiskey Profile Page Enhancement

Just a minor addition here, but a meaningful one. We added the counts of how many times a whiskey shows up in Abov user wishlists and collections to the whiskey profile pages. We already included the number of times a whiskey was rated and reviewed, but this just adds another layer of social proof to help you feel confident about selecting a new whiskey.

Newsfeed Improvements

We are pretty excited about the changes we’ve released here! We’ve received some feedback that the home Public Feed needed some work, and we listened! We have a few enhancements to make it both more useful as well as more interesting.

Who Cheers’d Me?

We brought this one back from the legacy app. In a small effort to continue to push the app to be more social, you can now see which Abov users have hit Cheers on a post. Pressing the glencairn glass icon will Cheers the post, but pressing on the text with the count of Cheers to the right will open up the list of who said Cheers. From this list, you can follow new users to keep up with what they’ve been drinking in the future.

New User Welcome Posts

Every time a new user signs up for Abov, a welcome post will appear in the newsfeed. You can quickly see who recently joined and welcome them to the Abov community. Figuring out where to start with Abov as a brand new user can seem a bit overwhelming, so we want to make it a little bit easier.

New Whiskey Adds

Another huge win for all of you who are constantly expanding your collection. You can now keep up with new whiskey releases and see the latest whiskeys added to the database. Another feature we brought back from the legacy app, just finding a new home in the newsfeed. We know how important it is to many of you that we keep our whiskey database up to date, and this will provide more transparency into the new whiskeys that have been added daily.

Trending Whiskeys

Something a little different, but we wanted to highlight the most active whiskeys in the Abov app on a regular basis by featuring them in our “Trending now” posts. Based on interactions over the prior few hours, we showcase which whiskeys are getting the most attention, and make it super easy for you to add them to your wishlist (and hopefully find a bottle to purchase in the future!)

What’s Next?

We made a lot of progress in June, and hope to carry to that momentum forward through the summer. We have some more UI improvements in the works, as well as additional enhancements to search to make exploring our vast database even better. Expect to continue to see more whiskeys added, and other tweaks to some nagging experience issues as well.

Is there a new feature you’d really love to see? Let us know what would help you elevate your whiskey by leaving feedback in the comments below or by dropping us a quick email via our contact form!

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