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July 2023 – Issue #10

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It’s National Scotch Month! Well, National Scotch Day is July 27, but we’re celebrating all month. To celebrate we’re going to be diving in to highlight some of our favorite scotch-related news, highlight one of the most popular scotches, and most importantly to scotch lovers everywhere… we’re dropping the ‘e’ this month. So grab a glass of whisky and sit down and enjoy this month’s Abov the Noise!

Not as vintage as some of our other ads, but this scotch.com ad from 1997 fits the bill to celebrate National Scotch Day

The Newest Collectibles

From the oldest Lowland distillery comes the Samhla, “symbol” or “likeness” in Scots Gaelic, Collection. Bladnoch set out to create three similar-yet-unique scotches which represent the past, the present, and the future of Lowlands scotch. Given only 165 bottles were produced, you’ll have to let us know if they succeeded by getting your hands on one!



Taking Top Billing

It’s time we talk about Lagavulin 16. Not only did this whisky come top in our whisky madness series from March, but it’s on our top 10 as a “best gift“. It’s on that list for good reason as this famous 16 year also takes the top spot in the following lists: 
It even takes top billing from ChatGPT. With all the buzz we had to grab a dram and found that it was worth the hype.
If you, like us, can’t wait to get your hands on a bottle, grab it from one of our partners below.

Crossing the Pond

It’s not often that a scotch release in North America makes news, but hearing that Arran is releasing their most aged label caught our attention. Unfortunately, only 240 of the 3000 produced are headed this way, so it may not be easy to find. If you can get your hands on it, you can expect complex fruit and sweetness from nose through finish in a dram that 4 Abov users were lucky enough to taste.



Ardbeg Heavy Vapours

It’s meat smoking season, so many of you are paring those delicious smoked meals with a peaty, smokey dram. Ardbeg Heavy Vapours is a special release from the Ardbeg Distillery, leaning even further into the smoke and peat than their standard peat-forward expressions. Where normally there is balance between peat and sherry-driven fruitiness; here you will find only smoke and darkness.


Grumpyscotch – Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye, Port Finish – 79/100

“As always this rye hits right up front and follows straight through the mid palate. Somewhere before swallowing this fruity jam note tries to sneak in and cozy up all those spices. Very nice”

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Sean – @WhiskyCEO

Lagavulin 16 Year Old
As we mentioned earlier, Lagavulin 16 just keeps popping up any time we ask what you are drinking. While I tasted it before, and recall enjoying it then, the opportunity to grab a fresh bottle presented itself and I thought it was time to revisit to see what the fuss is about.
If you are into a refined, classic, Islay-style peated single malt, you cannot go wrong with this one. No gimmicks, just a straightforward dram that is well aged, with notes of malty, peaty earthiness and a long-lasting finish.

Is it delicious? Yes. Spending some time with the glass really made me appreciate what a well put together scotch this really is.

Would I buy it again? Definitely! I’m embarrassed it’s taken me this long to buy a bottle for myself.

Is this single-handedly the best bottle of whiskey that I’ve ever had? I’m going to say no. Despite its immense popularity in the Abov community, it’s not my personal favorite and so I’ll keep hunting for my next favorite whiskey.

RATING: 87/100

W.L. Weller Special Reserve

W.L.Weller Special Reserve, the whiskey that knows how to make you feel special without breaking the bank. With its sweet and mellow profile, it’s like being serenaded by a smooth jazz band while lounging in a velvet robe. Sip it, savor it, and let the best known “Weller” turn any ordinary day into a special occasion.


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