Abov the Noise – March 2023

March 2023 – Issue #6

A busy month in the world of whiskey

A pair of high profile bourbon busts in the States, a new global number one for scotch exports, and a pair of high priced whiskeys that we’re angling to get in our collections. News and notes from around the world of whiskey for March!

Celebrating Suntory this month for (almost) a million reasons, the distillery has been around over 100 years and their advertising in the 1960s sure was...unique?

Whisky Delhi-very

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) recently released their annual export statistics, and global whiskey exports passed £6B for the first time, a 37% growth over 2021! The reigning leader since 2000, France was dethroned as the top importer of Scotch whisky (by volume), with India taking the crown by importing 219M bottles.

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The Price of Fame

While globally whiskey may command a smaller market than beer or wine, that does not prevent jaw-dropping prices for unique bottles. A bottle of Macallan recently went at a charity auction for $250k. One of only two bottles, the other is being kept in the Macallan archives.

For those looking for a whisky you CAN get your hands on, Suntory has released a 55 year old version of their famous Yamazaki label for a cool $1M. If you’ve been looking to procure a piece of history, and have a bit of scratch on your hands, it’s in stock at our partner Tipxy!

No we’re not kidding, here it is for sale >>


Scandals Abound

With a boom often comes a bust, and the bourbon industry in the USA is no exception. Separate scandals in Kentucky and Oregon hearken back to bootlegger days, where deals are done under the table and the g-men take a cut of the action.

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Kentucky bourbon shop raided by feds >>


Curated Just for You

Did you know, over on the Abov Website, we are constantly curating lists of great whiskeys we think you should try? Leveraging all your ratings and reviews, we recommend whiskeys based on categories, flavor profiles, and more. Skim through our lists and let us know which ones you love!

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Paul John Select Cask PX

An Indian Single Malt finished in Pedro Ximénez Sherry Butts? Sign us up!
Described as a smooth and well-rounded sherry bomb, reviewers pointed out the lovely long finish, and notes of sherry, sweet fruits, spice, oak, and honey.

Sakumaru – Redbreast Lustau Edition  – 87/100

“Little more ompf than the 12 and 15, not as subtle, yet still with the same sweetness, and definitely not rough either.

After the 12, 15, and Lustau, I feel happy with the distillery, and eager for more.”

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Sean – @WhiskyCEO

Barrell Seagrass
Wow! Not sure if it was just because I was tasting this bottle on a cold but sunny day overlooking the “sea” aka the Atlantic Ocean in coastal North Carolina in the company of close friends, or if Barrell Seagrass is just that good.
I’m not the biggest fan of rye, but there was just something magical about the interplay between the rye spice, the sweet apricot brandy and madeira finish, and the high proof of the barrel strength bottling.
Barrell bottles don’t come cheap, but there is no denying they are blending some true masterpieces. I’m a little late to the game with this one, but the hype is real!
RATING: 94/100

Nikka Whisky from the Barrel

Always one of the more popular Japanese Whiskies in the Abov App, Nikka Whisky From the Barrel is a strong pour. 
While many drams from Japan highlight the subtlety and nuance of the style, this bottle is spicy, intense, and powerful. It’s got an oaky bite but is balanced by notes of sweet vanilla and honey.

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