Fresh Whiskey Fridays – February 10th, 2023

Happy Friday Abov community! We’re back again with another set of world whiskeys that we added to Abov app. We’ve updated the app with some new and missing Irish and Canadian drams, as well as adding in a range of products from some distilleries that were not in the app at all.

Below are the releases we’ve added this week, and let us know what you think of the following whiskeys. Also, see what added whiskeys you may have missed from last week’s Fresh Whiskey Friday.

  • 2nd City Bourbon Whiskey
  • 2nd City Whiskey
  • Aberlour A’bunadh batch #72
  • Aberlour A’bunadh batch #73
  • Aberlour A’bunadh batch #74
  • Aberlour A’bunadh batch #75
  • Barrell Bourbon New Year 2023
  • Bellevoye 03 Year Old Triple Malt
  • Bellevoye 05 Year Old Triple Malt Rouge
  • Bellevoye 08 Year Old Triple Malt
  • Bellevoye 08 Year Old Triple Malt Tourbé
  • Bellevoye Whisky Calvados Finish
  • Bellevoye Whisky Fine Grain Finish
  • Bellevoye Whisky Prune Finish
  • Bellevoye Whisky Sauternes Finish
  • Bluebird Winter Whiskey
  • Canadian Club 45 Year Old Chronicles
  • Compass Box The Circle No 2
  • Crown Royal 29 Year Old
  • Dunville’s The Friend At Hand Grosvenor Reserve
  • Forty Creek Foxheart
  • Gold Spot 9 Year Old
  • Heart Iron Whisky
  • Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select (50%)
  • Lugnaquilla Peated Irish Whiskey
  • Method And Madness Japanese Cedarwood Cask
  • Method And Madness Japanese Chestnut Cask
  • Redbreast Kentucky Oak Edition
  • Spice King 12 Year Old Highland & Islay
  • The Lakes Mosaic

Keep adding those missing whiskeys, and let us know if you have enjoyed any on the list from this week! Leave a comment, and be sure to update your collections and ratings in the app!

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