The Perfect Manhattan: What Bourbon Should You Use?

For centuries, bourbon has been making its mark on the American landscape. By definition, this type of whiskey requires a mash made of at least 51% corn and must be aged in charred new oak barrels for a minimum of two years in order to carry the distinct label “Bourbon.” While it originated here in the United States, bourbon enthusiasts recognize iconic distilleries from around the world that have become timeless icons through their pursuit of excellence in producing this beloved spirit. Today we’re going to take you back in time – tracing roots all across America and beyond – as we explore even more about this golden elixir and how it came to be embraced by so many worldwide!

When it comes to classic cocktails, the Manhattan is one of the best. It’s a timeless drink that has been enjoyed for decades and is sure to be around for many more years to come. But what type of bourbon should you use if you want to make a great Manhattan? Let’s take a look at the best bourbons to use in your cocktail.

When selecting a bourbon for your Manhattan, there are a few things to consider. First, you want to choose a bourbon that has enough complexity to stand out against the other ingredients in the drink. Second, you want something smooth enough that it won’t overpower the vermouth or bitters in the drink. Last but not least, you want a bourbon with enough sweetness so that it doesn’t get lost among all of the other flavors.

One of the best bourbons for making Manhattans is Four Roses Single Barrel Select. This bourbon has an intense flavor profile with notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak on the nose and palate – perfect for cutting through all those other ingredients without being too dominant. Another great choice is Wild Turkey 101 Straight Rye Whiskey which offers up subtle notes of spice and citrus that really add depth and complexity to any Manhattan recipe.

If you’re looking for something unique, try Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It’s rich and full-bodied with aromas of dried fruit and sweet spices like nutmeg and clove – perfect for adding some extra oomph to your Manhattan! Lastly, Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Bourbon is an excellent choice as well; its blend of sweet vanilla and oak makes it surprisingly versatile when it comes to crafting up classic cocktails like Manhattans!

Some Other Great Choices:

Woodford Reserve

This Kentucky bourbon is slightly more expensive than Maker’s Mark but worth every penny. It has hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and citrus that adds complexity to your Manhattan without feeling too heavy or overwhelming.

Knob Creek

Another Kentucky bourbon, this one is aged for nine years giving it an extra depth of flavor. It has an intense flavor profile with notes of vanilla, oak, and leather that will add some smokiness to your drink.

Maker’s Mark

This Kentucky Bourbon has notes of caramel, oak, and vanilla which will blend perfectly with sweet vermouth in your Manhattan. It’s smooth and easy going so it won’t overpower the other flavors in your drink.

A good Manhattan requires quality ingredients, including an excellent bourbon as its base spirit. There are many options out there, but some stand out above others when making this classic cocktail – Four Roses Single Barrel Select, Wild Turkey 101 Straight Rye Whiskey, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Bourbon are all excellent choices for creating your own perfect twist on this timeless libation! No matter which one you choose though – happy sipping!

Are you ready to level up your bourbon-drinking game?

You may have heard that the best way to enjoy a good quality bourbon is neatno ice, no water, just pure and undiluted. The trick is not to rush it!  Experience the true flavor of a good bourbon by taking small sips, allowing yourself enough time between each sip so that all its flavors can reach your taste buds before they adjust.

With every sip you’ll uncover new layers of smoky sweetness or spiciness depending on how aged the whiskey is. And there’s nothing quite like that warm feeling in your chest as you savor one of life’s finest pleasures!  Enjoying a fine Kentucky Bourbon neatly brings out its complex character and can elevate any drinking experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

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